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((ask/rp blog)) Hi my name's Jasper Batt Jr. and I'm the final boss from the Game: (No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle)((Just a quick note: my muse's emotions have nothing to do with how I feel. I RP how I feel my muse will react. and I do not godmod, he does have weaknesses)) Current M!A: noneM! Asks on hold: none

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Oh. *Jasper’s hyper excitement softened. It sounded like his…

*Jasper practically somersaulted onto Ralph’s shoulder.* Are you kidding? I’m practically an expert on all things formal!.. *The little wrestler turned toward his friend expectantly.*…

Sorry, but that’s how all marriages work. *Jasper shrugged.* What you’re doing is called ‘planning a date’. I thought you needed help organizing decorations and such. But regardless, I’m here to help you in any way I can… That is unless I don’t survive the next few seconds.
*When the conversation switched back to the “awkward” topic, the boy had to take a seat on Ralph’s shoulder. He was panicking over whether he should tell his friend who it was or not and his feet weren’t cooperating with him. Maybe if he came clean, his friend might not kill him as fast?*
The reason I asked you is: 1 you’re my friend and I have faith that you’ll here me out and not squash me over this, 2 you probably know the girl I like best other than Morgan, and *Jasper had already begun to curl up and cover his head as his speech sped up.* 3 the girl may or may not be one of your offspring!

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Oh. *Jasper’s hyper excitement softened. It sounded like his…

*Jasper practically somersaulted onto Ralph’s shoulder.* Are you kidding? I’m practically an expert on all things formal!.. *The little wrestler turned toward his friend expectantly.* Ralph, you do know a wedding…

Look, it’s not a dating thing. *Jasper groaned, rolling his eyes in annoyance and slightly cringing at the amount of candy falling from his friend’s scalp.* It’s more like a she’s a different species, she’s innocent minded, and probably doesn’t even notice my flustered affections. *It was already awkward he was asking advice, but asking about these things to the father of his interests made it even worse for Jasper.
The response to wedding prep question only frustrated him even more.* Ok, since you obviously don’t understand why the marrying couple have to work together, I’ll put it like this. *Jasper gave a false smile as he spoke through his teeth.* The special day is for both bride and groom. It’s like saying you do it all to her liking and it ends up uncomfortable for you. Or, it’s all to your liking and it ends up uncomfortable for her. Marriage is like permanently forming a team. If you don’t work together then it won’t work ever. *Having released his miniature rant, the boy gave a small sigh.* Look, I want to help you. But, I don’t want to segregate her from the plan making of what is also going to be her special day.

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No and this is why

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Handsome uvu

((He drew the body in his diary and then taped a photo on it. The boy has a dream. xD))

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askjasperbattjr asked *What looked like a tiny purple mouse, scurried below the candy came trees. All the while giggling wildly as it jumped high into the sugary branches of a candy cane tree, before stopping at the top. It wasn't long till he spotted his target, a large female cybrid that so happened to be flying by. It quickly hurried onto a branch that intercepted it's path, hung itself upside down from it's toes and wrapped itself in with its cape; making itself look like a small cacoon!* ((Hello! :3))







Unfortunately, Renate was a little too wrapped up in her own giggly musings to notice anything unusual. She flew right by the suspended rodent without incident.

((Hello! Sorry this reply took so long. I’ve been out of commission until recently. Also, sorry short reply is short. XD ))

"…What’s a pizza?" Although Renate had inherited a fair amount of memory from her parents, she’d never heard of or seen a pizza before. Puzzled, she eyed the maybe-stranger.

"Okay…Jasper….how did you get so big? You’re all huge and muscle-y all of a sudden."


A pizza is… You know a… Uh… *How does one describe something that isn’t a pastry to someone that has only known pastries their entire life?* Tell you what? I’ll bring you one when I come back next time?
*By then Jasper had placed the marshmallow close to Renate, but a good distance away so as not to light the rest of them.* I’m all “muscley” because I was too small to lift the marshmallow. So I made myself bigger.
*After the wrestler carved a small trench around the plushy treat, his eyes began to glow, and a few mysterious sparks later the marshmallow became a fire.* I just don’t like the way it works.


Renate’e eyes widened as the maybe-stranger worked. What he said could…perhaps make sense? ….Did Jasper ever say he could make himself bigger? Did Jasper have laser-eyes?

…Did Jasper know what a ‘pizza’ was?

"Are you magic?" She asked, noting his glowing eyes. "I’m magic, so I can make myself bigger, if I wanted. Why don’t you like doing that to yourself?"

Maybe it really was Jasper. Renate had forgotten she could change size, too. The new person didn’t seem to be wanting to hurt her, at any rate.

Magic? *Jasper asked as he got up and plucked some chocolate and gram crackers from the ground.* No, in my game it’s called science. In a way it’s magic that can be explained, I guess. *As he returned he also picked up 2 large cinnamon sticks and a few smaller marshmallows.* The way I transform is a gruesome one, but I’ll try and keep it as.. Unscary as possible.
As I am, at the current moment, *The wrestler said as he began to put the soft treats on the cinnamon sticks.* my body appears to be stretch to its limits with the new muscle I’ve acquired. *When he finishes, Jasper hands Renate a stick for her to start toasting her marshmallow.* Thats exactly how it is, although I can’t feel it. It’s like having really scary growth pains in every bit of my body when it starts, but when it ends it’s like nothing happened. *By the time Jasper finished, his marshmallow had formed a light brown coating.*
Well, now that we have disturbing conversation out of the way, I have something to tell you.
*The wrestler sandwiched his marshmallow between two gram crackers and a chocolate piece he grabbed from the pile of ingredients he had gathered.* I met up with your mother a short while ago, when I couldn’t find you. *Jasper smiled sheepishly before taking a bite of his s’more.* Apparently, you weren’t supposed to share any thing about your Mom’s history with me. I hope you didn’t get into trouble.

Renate stuck a marshmallow on her cinamon stick and started to roast it in the fire. But at the mention of her Mother, she forgot it was there. “Huh? I haven’t gotten in any trouble.”

She paused. “Mom’s been mostly quiet and…well, ‘blank’ and cold lately. Well…she was until Dad woke up. Now, she’s more like she was.” Her marshmallow charred, and melted into the fire. Renate didn’t notice. “Mom’s the kind of person who…’holds stuff in’, you know? She won’t admit it, but I think what happened to Dad really got to her. She just wouldn’t act like it around us, because…I think maybe she felt like she needed to protect us.”

*Jasper was about to take another bite of his s’more, but stopped himself as he became more aware that not all had been well for the cybrid.* Wait, what happened while I was away? Is everything going to be alright?

Renate looked up from her musings. “Yeah, Dad’s find now. But, for awhile we weren’t so sure. He got some kind of virus a few months ago, and just up and conked out. We tried everything to wake him back up. Not even Mom could do it, and she’s more powerful with that ring she has now.”

He’s back to normal now, so I guess that makes everything better, right? *Jasper asked… He had been gone a while hadn’t he. This definitely wasn’t helping his friend at all. Are you sure it’s not for your own per… The wrestler shook his head, trying to get rid of his current thoughts. They didn’t make any sense to him, nor were they helpful at the current moment.
Oh who was he kidding, of course he knew what they were about, but he’d have to consult with someone who knew a lot about the topic. But that would have to wait for now.*
So, did your mom mention anything about me? Last I came you weren’t here, so we had tea and chatted about… Certain topics. Although those topics were nice, I kind of discovered one of her secrets…. Like her past… *Jasper’s hands were slightly shaking. He didn’t like doing bad things… Unknowingly, that is.* And I don’t think she knows that. I mean, she didn’t seem okay with me wanting to know. But I didn’t do anything sneaky to find out! *He yelped quickly, hoping his friend hadn’t thought of the event negatively.* It’s just, some of the pre-programmed memories had something that involved her story… I just don’t know how to deal with it at the moment. Like, if it’s bad for me to know…

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Ralph’s face sank a bit. “I rather not talk about it. All that matters right now is that I’m back, and I have plans to get underway.” He bowed his head low for a moment, “Kinda big plans.”

Oh. *Jasper’s hyper excitement softened. It sounded like his…

*Jasper practically somersaulted onto Ralph’s shoulder.* Are you kidding? I’m practically an expert on all things formal!.. *The little wrestler turned toward his friend expectantly.* Ralph, you do know a wedding is supposed to be planned by both bride and groom, right?
Also… When we’re done with this, I wanted to ask you for help. *He said, twisting his tie in embarrassment as his body transformed back to its original form. The adrenaline rushing through him was getting the blimp code out of his system. His face growing redder by the second.*Cause you’re in.. *Jasper had to wheeze the last part out, due to his flustered state.* a relationship… But we can get on to that later you know because… WEDDINGS!!! *Oh mods, he felt stupid for shouting that last part. He certainly had wanted to look foolish about this situation. Jasper hoped his friend would be weirded out by his behavior and just stay on the wedding conversation.*

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